beautiful butterflies,
i love the way you fly.
i wish i could also fly someday,
just like u.
tell me one thing oh dear,
who painted ur wings,
wow they are so awesome.
its always a delight to watch u.
because in my childhood i wanna catch you,
but you are too smart to be caught,
oh butterfly there is something alluring in you,
the way u fly over roses and lilies.
u made them look even more beautiful.
but,the one thing i like the most in you,
is the elegance you posses,
i bet,no one in the world can be as elegant as you,
oh butterflies,
beautiful butterflies,
i love the way you fly.


8 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. I painted the butterflies wings, I created and fashioned them to be among the vivid yet beauty of every flower of the fields, they dance and spread nectar and reveal the majesty of the one they worship; in the splendor of my garden. The reason my child; that you are so drawn to the eloquent beauty and mystery of the butterfly is because I wanted to show you; my child, a single drop in all the oceans expanse, of what my love for you looks like on earth. For you see before it was a butterfly is was a mere caterpillar… who ate of nothing but the leaves next to the flower, it crawled on its on strength by its legs, its desire is for something far more glorious, yet it worked all its life going from tree to tree always seeking yet never satisfied. Until one day, it heard my voice and saw the perfect one, on a tree of life, it then believes and in that day of hope I spin a cocoon around my beloved, it is than born again from heaven and is transformed metamorphose into a new creation. Faith breaks through into a indescribable unspeakable delight, flooded with an array of transparent colors splashed with each color of my rainbow, filled with the fruit of my Spirit it takes flight. Displaying my love, and joy, and serenity of peace as it gently dances to its newness of life. It takes on a new life, it only drinks of the living sweetness of the flower, the rose of Sharon, mixed with the Lily of the valley to express my love for the precious and unique butterfly; created especially for the Creator of all that has breath. How much more valued are you, My child, for I created you in My image, thus when you see me face to face you too will be changed metamorphosed into Oneness with my one begotten Son, to share in His glory His light shining through you for all to see the grace that I have given to you, as an example to all of heaven and all of earth my unfailing love for you. Time will cease, and eternity will begin….. this is why I came.. to testify to the truth, the way is through Son, to give all who believe, eternal life. Come all who are thirsty and drink of living water to which you shall never thirst again, taste and see how precious are My thoughts are of you, My plans for you are to give you a hope and an eternal future with Me, for there is but One true living God, and the Lord Christ Jesus in whom I sent as your Savior. Enter into My arms to find true rest for your longing soul My child, I am always with you, now and forever! It is My gift to you, for you are of more value and worth to Me than any other that I have ever created, because I created you to be One with Me, I in you, and you in Me, and I in the Father, forever.. and ever! Spread the gift, if you have tasted and seen!

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