Unki aawaj

Bejubaan hota agar saara jahan,

ishaaro se saari baate hoti.

Na koi afwaah udti,

na nafrat ki baate hoti.

Aankho se hi ishq ka ijhaar hota,

Aankho hi aankho me ikraar.

Par fir khayal aata he,

Unki aawaj ke bina sukoon kaha aata



Kaile Wala

Kaile le lo, kaile le lo….
Kaile le lo, kaile le lo….
Taja taja kaile,
Kaile le lo kaile.

Kele wala
Kele wala

Bhaiya ye kaile kaise diye,
bauji ye wale 40 ka kilo hai aur ye 50 ka.
Are bahut mehnge he yeh to, rehne do nahi chahiye.

kaile le lo, kaile le lo….

Are o kaile wale ek kilo kaile dena,
Thik he sahab.
Aur ha taaza wale chadhana last time jaise nahi.
Yeh lo sahab, 50 rupaiye hue.
chup kar police wale se paise maangega,
Tera thela uthwa dunga jyada bola to.

kaile le lo, kaile le lo….

Bhaiya kaile kaise diye,
madamji yeh 40 ke kilo hai aur ye 50 ke.
Are nahi bhaiya bahut mehnge he ye to.
Achcha kaam karo ye jo 40 wale he 15 ke aadha kilo de do.
madamji pure 20 ke kar deta hu khulle ka chakkar padega,
Chalo thik he bhaiya, ye lo Paise.


Let’s Write


let’s write something,
something new,something different,
something that will make u smile…smile emoticon
something which will force u,
to dial number of my mobile(09166******)
let’s write something,
something trendy,something brilliant,
something which will take u to memories…
something which will force u,
to read ur old scrapbooks and diaries.
let’s write something,
something old,which was excellent,
something that will create a way../\/\/\/
which will take u closer to my heart,
so i m going to write, for u, only 4 u…….

I Like The Smell Of Rain!

nJoy the Nostalgic rain of Priya !!!!!!
Jadon ambaraan barasya paani
Mitti di khushboo aayi…………….

Priya Thakkar

Enjoy the rain!

After a long time I felt it.

Two days ago, I was on the way back to home.

It was raining.

Me and Deesha, one of my colleague was about to leave and the atmosphere was like having rain!

Two girls, leaving office, after a terrible work load.

It was like feel of peace when it comes to the getting wet in rain.

We actually forget about we are on the office premises and we should have some office discipline.

We just drop our begs in the bus and start enjoying rain.

The feel was awesome as we both were in the time of our childhood when we forgot about our school and just wanted to enjoy the rain.

We forgot about our work pressure and office tension!

The rain.

The smell of rain.

The childhood kind of activities..throwing water to each other and enjoying just that…

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Hard Work

Win or not to win
Is not in ur hands
only thing you can do
that is hard work
hard work is a soil
which binds  plant of victory
If you want to win
Luck can’t stop you
its day, or its night
just do hard work
light of optimism
will show you way
and 1 day
u will hold victory flag.

May be you find the poem a little bit weird or unusual (If u have a very good observation skill). If not read the poem once again. And still you are not able to find the unusual aspect in the poem. Let me reveal the secret.

Actually the poem is a part of the challenge “Allergic to E”. I found this challenge and an open invitation from a blog i recently started to follow. The blog belongs to Suyash Chopra. His photography blog is one of the finest photography blog i ever found.

If you want to try out this challenge, here are the rules: 1) Write a whole paragraph (a paragraph sounds easy right?) without any word containing the letter “e” (still easy for ya?). 2) By reading this you are already signed up. 3) Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge. They must do it within 24 hours or it is considered as failure (which happened with me as i was occupied with other important stuffs.

So its time for me to invite some bloggers, actually all of you are invited..But, here are some names.

Raj Kumar


Alok Singhal

Damini Shah


The V-Pub

Please link your challenge work to https://redefiningrandom.wordpress.com/2015/06/09/allergic-to-e-challenge/



beautiful butterflies,
i love the way you fly.
i wish i could also fly someday,
just like u.
tell me one thing oh dear,
who painted ur wings,
wow they are so awesome.
its always a delight to watch u.
because in my childhood i wanna catch you,
but you are too smart to be caught,
oh butterfly there is something alluring in you,
the way u fly over roses and lilies.
u made them look even more beautiful.
but,the one thing i like the most in you,
is the elegance you posses,
i bet,no one in the world can be as elegant as you,
oh butterflies,
beautiful butterflies,
i love the way you fly.